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Click to enlarge - Symbiosis CD


Future Trust are proposing to raise funds and awareness of the continuing aftermath of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in 2011 by releasing a benefit album. The CD called "Symbiosis" will be a compilation of original contemporary classical music pieces by Japanese and English composers. All the pieces are written exclusively for the English violin duo RETORICA, who will perform and record the work.

The aim of producing this benefit CD is to pledge financial support towards the creation of a memorial monument in Usuiso District, Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, to the survivors of the tragedy of March 11, 2011.

The benefit album is set to be released this March 2014, and will promoted during a special trip to Japan by violin duo Retorica. As well as performing these pieces, Retorica will be giving masterclasses and performing alongside young musicians affected by the disaster.



Click to enlarge - Mayhem, London


“For anyone interested in real theatre for real young people working towards a real future, Mayhem is necessary.” David Lan - Artistic Director, Young Vic - 2006.
Mayhem has really helped my acting skills and even though it is only one a week it has given me something to do otherwise I think I would just be ‘jamming on road’. Mayhem Member - 2007.
The Mayhem Company (TMC) work with young people in London using the process of drama and the production of theatre to understand themselves and the world in which we live. We enable young people to:

  • Explore issues and themes that are relevant to their lives in a safe and secure environment
  • Develop their social and artistic skills in a consistent and creative atmosphere
  • Work with professional theatre makers both in rehearsal and production
  • Raise and challenge their personal and professional expectations through performing in professional venues
  • Access further artistic environments such as theatre trips, festivals and film work

TMC was set up in 2002 with young people from Geoffrey Chaucer Technology College as an after school drama activity. Since our inception we have worked with a diverse range of young people and professional theatre artists, reflecting both the diverse class and cultural heritage of South London.

Previous productions include:

  • Hamelyn Heights - Young Vic Studio 2003
  • 100° Fahrenheit - Southwark Playhouse 2004
  • 100° Fahrenheit - Schools tour to Arch Bishop Michael Ramsay Camberwell London, Collyers Sixth From Horsham Sussex and Bluecoats Secondary Walsaw-Birmingham 2005
  • Deluxe - Southwark Playhouse 2007
  • The Butterfly Club – Southwark Playhouse 2008
  • Real Life Sex Makes Baby - Royal Festival Hall 2009

Funders have included North Southwark Education Action Zone, Geoffrey Chaucer Technology College, Metropolitan Police, SE1 United, The London Borough of Southwark, London Borough of Lambeth, Southwark Playhouse, Mountview Drama School, Pool of London Authority and the JJ Charitable Trust. Further information from Fiona McRae at Future Trust.





The evolution and regeneration of London has been a constant theme and reality for its people since its inception in the early first Millennium. 'Elephant 21' (Elephant refers to Elephant and Castle and 21 to the 21st Century in which we live) focused on the geographical area of Elephant and Castle in South London which recently underwent enormous building regeneration. Elephant 21 sought to conserve for future generations the experiences and expectations of those peoples who have lived and worked there since its rebuilding after the Blitz to the present day as a document that will enable us to understand, reflect and interpret how notions of personal identity, family and community, culture and heritage has been affected by the economics, politics and geography of London.

As Elephant and Castle underwent this rapid change it was vital to capture the many layers of history, experiences and perspectives on this heritage theme that would otherwise have disappeared as social housing units and shops were demolished and re-developed.

Working with local community organisations (SE1 United, Globe Academy, Age Concern, Latin American Association and Tenants Associations) and heritage organisations (Cuming Museum and Local History Library) enabled project participants and the people of the area to engage collectively in what it meant to live, work and study in the area.

What did we do?

Elephant 21 trained and worked with the local people of Elephant and Castle (TMC members, community volunteers) to gather, record and interpret the experiences of people in and around the Elephant and Castle area in conjunction with the Cuming Museum. These newly trained oral historians also worked along side the Local History Library to access archives about the history of the area in the last 70 years. The information was interpreted, collated and documented into a script/book with the aid of a writer and accompanied by a series of live performances (by TMC) as a way to share the vanishing local heritage with Londoners.

This was accompanied by a video documentary of the process. Both the DVD and the book are conserved through out the boroughs public lending resources and archives. We also produced a learning resource enabling local community groups and arts organisations to have a step-by-step guide to regeneration/heritage work of this nature.


Further information from Fiona McRae at Future Trust.







Future Trust have previously funded a series of recordings in the Pavarotti music centre in Mostar, to give the underprivileged youth and children a valuable and fun experience of being a professional recording artist.

In 2010 we returned to Mostar to produce the "Recording Star" competition as part of an exciting event which included a performance of famous BiH band 'Dubioza Kolektiv'. The event was intended to promote local talent in a positive and fun way, and to give one winning participant a memorable professional recording studio experience at the Pavarotti Music Centre. Further information from Fiona McRae at Future Trust.


Further information from Fiona McRae at Future Trust.









Future Trust are proud to be supporting an Indigenous Tribe in Vietnam, the "Catu" in Zara village. To preserve their heritage and avoid the need to move to inner cities and work in factories, the Catu's livelihood is reliant on the production of traditional cloths to sell to passing tourist trade. Their workshops and homes are almost constantly interrupted by power cuts, making their livelihood more threatened by severely limiting potential progress or prosperity. Therefore, we felt the best help we could offer would we be to donate an electricity power generator to power their community, and fuel to run it for a year. The agreement will continue for year by year until the support is no longer required. Future Trust supports the Catu through a Japanese NGO, 'Foundation for International Development & Relief'. - www.fidr.or.jp/english/activity/vietnam/06.html

In a side project, in 2012 Future Trust produced recordings of indigenous Taiwanese students. In order to preserve and promote the Taiwanese culture and their music, we produced a CD recording Xin Chuan group in Taiwan and re-mixing some tracks with contemporary music. Proceeds from the sale of the CD go directly to the students and will support their studies, as well as preserve their culture.


Further information from Fiona McRae at Future Trust.






Future Trust supported brave student Jenny Culverwell in her year abroad working for a Peruvian orphanage through Project Trust. Jenny spent months working extremely hard with some of the most vulnerable children and challenging conditions imaginable in Peru.


Further information from Fiona McRae at Future Trust.